[CLOSED] Hiring scripters!

Hey everyone I’m looking to hire a scripter who’s able to script some systems similar to animal crossing!

Here’s some ideas or potential scripts that I’ll need to be worked on:

  • Camera work
  • UI Animating
  • Trading system
  • Farming
    and a lot more, I’ll be giving further details about the job if you’re interested in contacting me


  • Portfolio that requires past work, examples, developing experience…
  • 14+ Age requirement
  • Knows how to manage time well

The starting pay for this job is 1000 R$ and could go up to 5k for more scripting job. I pay through group funds.


sc00v#8829 (disc)
scoovz_ (twitter)

My DMs are open so you dont necessarily need to add me :smiley:

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