[CLOSED] Hiring Scripters!

Ben 10: Space Fighters

Ben 10 Space Fighters is a free-roam/quest based Ben 10 game. We would like to give the players the opportunity to play with different kinds of aliens, and to play quests to unlock new things.

The game has been in development for over month now, and we are looking for scripters to expand our team.

Development Team

@MeesieBoyXL - Owner // Lead-Developer (Manager, Builder)
@LalaLandBland - Co-Owner // Community Manager
@DarkFrxsts - Developer (3D Modeler)
@Gengargaming_92 - Developer (Music)
@AkatsukiRat - Developer (Builder)
@RamenDreadsYT - Developer (GFX/Graphics)

@Empty - Developer (Scripter)
@Empty - Developer (Scripter)

Job Details

We need multiple scripters, that will make i.a. a transformation system (to change from default player to an alien, and back) and a few basic abilities/attacks. We’ll need other things aswell ofcourse, but these are the most important for now. If you can’t do everything, you can still get hired as we’ll hire multiple scripters.


You will get paid in % revenue (group funds). We currently have several developers working already that will be paid in revenue.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/B10SPF
Discord: Discord


Contact me on discord if you are interested: Mees#1725

Thanks for reading this recruitment post! :smile:

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