[Closed!] Hiring Skilled Obby Builder

About Us

Hello, we are PyxlFi Parkours! Our job is to create fun and unique obbies for players to plays and enjoy. Our current game is PyxlFi Tower (Game link: Blue's Tower of Hell - Roblox) with 70K visits.

About the Job

We are looking to hire a skilled obby builder to join our team and work on future projects. You will be working with another builder (Me) so the workload won’t huge.
The Team
Owner: @CrashToon360
Co-Owner: @SolitudYT
Lead Developer: @TmsDevv
Scripter: @cakehunterman
Builder: Could be you!

*You must be above 13
*You must have Discord
*You must be skilled and creative in obby creation
*You must be able to work at least 1 hour a day (Weekdays included)


Payment will be in percentage so we can negotiate in DMs.


You may contact us on Discord at TMS Gaming#5630 or CrashToon360#9447, however, I’m more active.

We can’t wait to hear from you and have a great day :grin:


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