[CLOSED] Hiring Social Media Manager For Large Upcoming Game

Future Redux (As of 7/24/21)
Open World Action Game

Hello, Sentity Development is a game development studio that is creating a new and upcoming game, Future Redux. We are looking for a Social Media Manager to join our team!

@lolzireiz - Builder, GFX Designer, Modeler, UI Designer
@Quility - Scripter
@Squid_Wordd - Builder
@MCGamer826 - Builder
@kindfunyrmonkey - Scripter
@SinisterSaibot - Animator
@alteredberg - Animator

About The Job

We are looking for a professional Social Media Manager, to manage the social media accounts of Sentity. We are expecting you to be active on Social Media, and to cooperate with others on the team. We would also like someone who is kind and respectful. You will be managing accounts such as: Youtube, Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram

About The Game

Future Redux is a open world adventure game. There is a multiplayer mode, where you can do basically whatever you choose. Loot stores, obtain weapons, ride vehicles, dominate the streets, or enjoy a walk around the city. There is also a Zombies Mode. In the zombies mode, in simplistic terms, the goal is to survive hoards of zombies. We are also planning to have a campaign in the future.

Join our discord server! Code: F3Tz2bV


We will be paying USD, or Robux. Payment can be delivered through Paypal, Venmo, Group Funds, ect. We can discuss payments privately, since some charge higher and lower rates.

Contact Us

The preferred contact method is through discord though my user: lolzireiz#6893
If you MUST, please contact through dev forum.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you for reading!


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