[CLOSED] Hiring Someone Experienced with Constraints


I am looking to hire someone who has experience with constraints and vehicles to fix a physics problem with a train. My train does not move due to using hinges and old joints. What I need fixed to make the train drivable again is for the old hinges and joints to be converted to constraints.


Payment is negotiable. However, I am offering 10,000 robux.


Discord: Abolition#4694



i think you dont need to make the train an vehicle, you can use a fallow path for the train.

since the rails is usualy made for transfer aready the minimum movment to the train it self, the traint should move smooth.

imagine the train as an humanoid that fallow a path, you can even use path finder or make it go from one position to a new one but in a smooth way so in the turns dont get an extreme turn, like a bezier curve.

I need this done as soon as possible so if anybody can help, I would be really greatful!

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