[CLOSED] Hiring Terrain Designer + Lighting Editor for ''Firewatch'' Style Game (% + R$)


Hello there. Gregarious is a small but growing development community, currently with only one person on the team (myself) with more soon to follow. Our goal is to create emotionally-impacting experiences in the form of short story games - following any genre. Our current task is listed down below.

The Team

@MistahTwist - Executive Developer
You can see our official community fan page here: Gregarious - Roblox

The Task

If you’re familiar with the game ‘‘Firewatch,’’ this might be the project for you. After watching several playthroughs of the game and admiring the detail that went into every tree, lead, and twig placed - I have decided that I want to create an emotional experience very similar to the game - map and all.

I am asking for a detailed map, filled with realistic lighting. It should follow the general layout of the games map. The lighting should be ambient, realistic - and look clean. I have several examples of the lighting, map, etc. that I can show you if you decide to work on this project, but for now you can use the image below as a sample of what the terrain in ‘‘Firewatch’’ looks like.

I’d prefer to have this done ASAP and I am really optimistic about the project.


When it comes to payment, I am offering a 25% percentage of all game revenue we make. Since we’re not certain the game will succeed, I am also offering a down-payment of between 2-5K R$.

Keep in mind, you will receive this percentage for life - and it does not expire.

Contact Us

Contacting me on Discord is the fastest way I can get back to you. I appreciate you taking an interest in the project. Add me via Twister #5235 and I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe and thank you!


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