(CLosed) Hiring testers (200 Robux) 5 - 5 Testers

Read ALL! = Please remember that we don’t have the game Placed this elsewhere these days I change the roblox studio test

Hello we are from the waylandy group, today we are hiring testers, we are very serious with testers, before they tried to scam us for this reason we have changed everything.
If you want to leave before the end of the month you will not be paid anything

The Team
@verito728 = Lider, clothing designer, gfx image designer, logo designer, logo designer with decoration, thumbnail designer with text, gfx image designer with text and decoration, animator
@NOEMLANTURA = professional scripter
@ASMERREIR12 = Graphical User Interface
@DavidMolina6721 = Professional Builder
@IntroRobloxDi = Intro Creator and Promote

You can see our progress so far here: It is in process
About The Job
This may sound very different from what you’ve seen from testers, but I hope you can participate.

The Testers =
They should know that this will be in a month. Each day Determined, they will have to Play 1 or 2 Hours, They can not Play less than the specified hours Because part of the payment will be taken away, those people who do

Next is the Schedule =

Monday =
Play_ 2 Hours _ Fish Pood.
Tuesday =
Play_2 Hours_ Fish Pood.
Wednesday =
Wednesdays rest
Thursday =
Play_2 Hours_ Fish Pood.
Friday =
Play_ 30 Minutes_ Fish Pood
Saturdays and Sundays =
Saturdays and Sundays they rest

This Schedule has been Organized for you Remember that this is a full month
We start = when we have all the testers

What happens to people who do not play for a day or week =

  1. If you do not play a 2 hour day, you will be discounted =
    10 Robux
  2. If You Don’t Play One Week You will be discounted =
    50 Robux
  3. If No Play on Friday, which is 30 Minutes, it will be discounted =
    5 Robux

Please do not contact us if you cannot Make the Schedule correctly, Any questions Contact us but if you are going to do the work contact us

What to Try
Fish Pood Must Watch =
0 to 5 wrong things
0 to 10 Common Problems
0 to 5 things they like
2 to 10 Ideas that we can improve the game

Payment =
We pay between 200 Robux to If you play longer or if you could not play Some days Please tell us when you can not play We do not pay % or Paypal or other means

Contact Us

contact me for discord or the devforum here Discord =
Also remember that we are going to ask you some questions to know if you can join
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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