[CLOSED] Hiring trailer maker + composer

About Us

Hello! We are The Coffee Club or TCC for short, with over to 10,000 group members and 2,000 Discord members. We are a growing establishment thriving off of our active community. In addition, all of our games have over 200,000 visits making us an ideal establishment to become a developer at.

The Team
@coldpIays - Head Designer and Development Overseer
@Grimesiru - Modeller & Head Developer
@zaisens - Builder
@Lukxey - Programmer
@FizzyColas - UI Artist
@euphrosyite - Clothing Designer
@9h_7n - Bot Developer
@VACANT - Composer
@VACANT - Trailer / video maker
@catarzee- Animator

About The Job

We are seeking a composer and trailer maker who are experienced in their field. Both individuals must have excellent communication skills and actively use and own a Discord and Roblox account. The composer must be able to create original sounds to allow our game to be as realistic as possible, some sounds include machinery, pouring, cap turning and a few environment sounds.We are also going to need a trailer maker to create a trailer of our newest version scheduled to release late 2021. The animator must be able to know how to animate different poses that will be relevant to our game. Such as drinking, making drinks and much more. If you have any questions regarding any of that positions, please contact me immediately.

We also expect both individuals to have their work completed 1-2 month prior to our release date.


Payment is negotiable and will be discussed before hiring. Our preferred payment method is Robux though we are happy to pay via paypal if necessary. We will offer a contract for you to sign that will guarantee payment for the assets you’ve created.

Contact Us

You can contact me on here or Discord at : coldplays#1000

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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