This Post is currently Closed and we will not accept future applications Thanks!

About Us

Greetings, We are Total Entertainment, A new game development group, we are currently looking for other Roblox developers, due to me the owner doesn’t have that much skill.

We are making a 3D RPG [It was changed to 3D due to some reasons] game, You might be interested in.

About The Job

You must meet the following requirements: [On all jobs]

  • You must be aged 13 or older
  • Your account ages must be 1 year or older
  • You must have a great passion in the community
  • You must own a Discord account
  • You must have a great Problem Solving skill
  • You cannot leak anything except I agreed
  • You are not included in **any sort of controversial topics
  • You have not published any kind of politic sensitive posts/reply on Twitter, Discord or Any social Media Platform
  • More requirements will be asked during the interview

UI Designer

  • You must know how to make cool Interfaces like menus and etc.
  • You have been created GUIs for at least 2 games
  • You must know what you are doing
  • Knows how to make a Mobile capable GUI [PREFERRED]


  • We are currently not looking for more scripters, Thanks!


  • You have played The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the wild [Not required]
  • You know how to make ancient/classic themed buildings like villages and etc’
  • You have made buildings for at least 2 other games

Whoever meets the following requirements will be preferred [On all jobs]

  • Accepts percentage payments
  • Worked on/Made a good game
  • Have past working experience
  • Can be active in work time (Monday -> Friday)


We are paying 500 Robux per asset. Our preferred payment method is Group Funds, Shirts and game passes and Percentages The prices are absolutely negotiable

P.s: Asset means that a whole building for builders, A ScreenGui/Frame [When counting for ScreenGui(s), The payment does not include the Frame/Other things] for UI Designers

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at https://twitter.com/PotatoegyYT or on Discord @Potatoegy#7339, Discord is preferred. Please leave a reply whenever you are going to apply for the job. When contacting me, Please bring your past works and your price expectations, We will reply to your application a couple of days later when we are interested in you. Thanks!

P.s: When replying to this post, Please contain your Discord name & tag and your timezone [We do not need your country name, We do not want racism here] We do not need your past work when you are replying to this post.

Thanks for reading! We are looking forward to a bright future :wink:


Does builders require animating and scripting knowledge???

I seem very interested as a UI designer. :eyes:


I am interested in the building position, I am recless236#8294.

I am interested, accept my request

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