[CLOSED] Hiring Vehicle Game Scripter


Hello, I’m Fourpapa1. I’ve been building since 2010 and have contributed work to several high profile games and individuals these past two years, and decided it’s time to bring one of my own longtime visions to life on Roblox. Thus, I am looking for talented scripter(s) (and UI designer) to join the team forming under FP1 Productions.

My portfolio can be viewed here: Fourpapa1 - Builder Portfolio

About The Job


I’m looking for an individual capable of scripting primarily the following:

  • Vehicle Functionality (Constrains for suspension and steering, with handling comparable to that of mario kart. a Roblox example to be improved upon is meep city racing) This is the major nail to hit
  • Fully compatible with mobile and gamepad controls
  • Customization menu for different features such as color, engines, rims, etc (all interchangeable models)
  • Trade system
  • In-game Leaderboards and profile for stats (wins, losses, level, money, etc)
  • Round-based gameplay with map and gamemode voting
  • Level system
  • Crate system

Specific details of the game can be discussed privately.

Scripter Payment

Payment is 1000 USD via Paypal and 20% game revenue. If picked, there will be more jobs available to you in the future.


  • UI for loading/intro screen and systems mentioned above. I haven’t decided on a style yet so apply with your best work.

UI Designer Payment

Payment is 200 USD via Paypal and 5% game revenue. If picked, there will be more jobs available to you in the future.


You can contact me on the Devforum or via Discord at Fourpapa1#4350. The deadline to apply is June 18th.


  • Self Introduction (along with your username and age)
  • Portfolio

What quality do you expect UI to be – is photoshop required?

Illustrator or Photoshop preferably, but using other ones shouldn’t be an issue as long as quality doesn’t suffer.

Hey guys, check this project out!

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