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Thats not a lot… Think about raising the payment to gain more attention…

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What would you suggest as a fair price?

25 USD for an entire town? That’s extremely low. I don’t think anyone is willing to take this offer if the payment is that low. 20-50k/50-100 USD sounds like a reasonable payment. (and even then that’s pretty low, but considering that your first payment was 25 USD, I tried to keep it as low and reasonable for you too)

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Yeah, agreed. I’d take it for $100. Plus, we dont have much to go on in terms of looks.

Thank you for the feedback! I should have clarified that it would just be the house designs as I have everything else already done,

Still, the houses are the main part. You’re still looking at around $50.

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I’ll buff the price to 40 USD as I realize that you and @WafflemanXx are correct

This is now closed, thanks!

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