[CLOSED] House Hangout Builder

House Hangout Builder

About Us

TikTok star xiaoleung and I are seeking out for a builder to make an amazing hangout place! I am a developer, known for Fantasy Kingdom as seen on KonekoKitten’s channel and all over twitter. xiaoleung is a TikTok star with a following of 2M on TikTok and a Roblox youtuber.

The Team
@xiaoleung - Game Owner
@DuhCrayGurl (FantasyWizardPerson)- Project Manager/Investor

About The Job

We are looking for a builder who can make a nice hangout place, where user’s will have an aesthetically pleasing scene to chill, take pictures or even film videos! The building style will be very doll like, with warm pleasing colors and detailed.

Here are some photo references:


A payment of 50,000R$ is being offered for the hangout building! This will be done through group payouts.

Contact Us

You can reach me at: depressed pepe#4124.

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