CLOSED - I am finished with hirin

Star Wars Adventure

Hello! I am ImaxZulu832. Before I begin, if you did not read the title the job is for volunteering not for people who want to get paid. Do not complain in the comments.

About the game:

The game is going to be a Star wars themed adventure game, where you become a Jedi in a tutorial, Once your a jedi, you obtain better strength and you get coins to buy weapons. To get leveled up with more strength, you need to battle an NPC or a person. This game will have a lot of narrating, with a lot of different scenes.

Who we need:

  • @username means vacant!

Boss: Me
Builder: Me, @username
Scripter: Philip @username
UI: @besupernow @username


Once again, this is volunteer stuff. We will split revenue but do not do this for it.

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Need contact at the bottom of payment, you can also change it to public recruitment not public portfolio…!


As there’s no payment, there will be no gamepasses or dev products, right?


You don’t even do %? You are just taking everything for yourself. I think you can make at least % if your game will be success


So basically you are asking people to do work for you? You expect them to not want any revenue while you are putting it into your pockets? Seems like a great deal! 10/10


Look at the payment bit… it says game revenue.

Thanks but I have 7 applications already so far. Your ideas suggest otherwise…

Nevertheless, still an absolutely awful recruitment post. Provides no in depth knowledge as to who you are and why we should work for you. Also my main issue is that people working for you are going to have an unfair payment, as you have specified nothing. This

Means absolutely nothing to any of us. How do I know you aren’t going to take 90% of the revenue and give others 1% each. After all that is still game revenue payment.

I think the overall message of my post was summed up by

Because there is a general lack of information.


Here is a quote of something you’ve written earlier this week.

You joined a development team for King’s Quest two days ago, and made a thread saying you’re for hire three days ago. You don’t have any experience leading a development team, no resume of games that you’ve worked for or anything worth mentioning on your Roblox account or social media.

I don’t wish to demotivate you from making awesome things on the Roblox platform, but i think that it is best for everyone involved to not go through with this project.


I have a lot of experience out side of the dev forum.

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Do you read? It says we will split it… as in equally.

You’re scared to post because of negative feedback? You’re acknowledging that you’re doing a free job, and getting sassy about it.

Feedback is good, but I have to say: You aren’t being villified. It also doesn’t look good for you, as you seem to want people to just work like machines for you. You show no relation or empathy for the fact you’re asking people to work for you for free.

Please don’t act like a victim.

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I am showing empathy to my workers.
Also, this topic is closed.

Your post heavily suggests otherwise.

I don’t want to seem like a total jerk, but this is the entire ordeal in the subject. There seems to be no care whatsoever.

May I ask another question: Why not? It’s a genuine question.

Also, @maplestick wasn’t putting you down, he’s just pointing out mishaps in what you’re saying. No one here is trying to hurt you. They’re not teaming up on you, either. They’re just pointing out what’s wrong with the hiring post.

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Constructive criticism may I say. People obviously aren’t try to bring you down, they are trying to help you and ask questions.

I totally agree,
Couldn’t have said it better.

You can only improve from constructive criticism since all it does it point out your flaws and then help you fix them.

I understand it’s hard for you to accept any form of criticism, but I can’t agree more than @SloppyBadUsername2 and @maplestick.

  1. By responding, you answered him, not necessarily his question. If a reply is illogical, non-contributive, and contradictory, why bother to even make the reply?
  1. The DevForum is not meant to hurt you. I cannot emphasize this point enough. Being scared to post doesn’t really make sense to me.

  2. The DevForum is a very open place. No offense, but I can’t guarantee you would fit the criteria of becoming a member (even though you may be talented). This place has become more open—how else are you, and me, and the majority of people, here.

Although I really don’t want you to doubt yourself, because you can do what I can, but much more:

I hate to be mean to you and I’m sincerely sorry for any damage I’ve caused. :frowning:

I hate to be mean as well, but in being harsh it’s the only way I believe people will listen. Mere suggestion doesn’t quite do itself credit as much as laying into somebody. It’s why you see harsh critics to begin with.

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