[CLOSED] I need a paint shop scripter

I need someone to script a paint shop. I need it so that when a person drives into the shop, it opens a GUI with buttons that when clicked, change the color of the car. I have built the paint shop, and I have built the GUI, with the buttons, and it just needs to be programmed. You will find the PaintGui under StarterGui, and the paint shop is by the racer team spawn. Also, all of the cars are in ServerStorage. When you are looking for the parts in the car to be painted, they are under Body and you will see a category named Color.

I can only pay 100 robux, I promise that I understand it is extremely low, but it is all I have at the moment. I am in the process of trying to sell my limited items, so if that works I can pay you more.

Reach out to me on Discord, gwghering#6869.

Hi, im interested, i can make this work for you, i already have a system like this i can modify to work with your cars, my discord is: Azerator#4434 . You can also see this system in action in my game here

Edit: Sorry i didnt see its closed

Well actually it is sort of temporarily closed. We pushed back the date we want to have it done by, but if you want to script it in a month of so, we can make that work.

i can make it work for you, add me on discord and we can discuss when i should work on it.

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