[CLOSED] I need a scripter

I am looking for someone who is good at scripting to make a leader board thing that will give you a point each time you complete a lap around a racetrack. It also has to be made so that someone can’t just backup and go past the checkered line to get points, they have to complete a full lap. It also must extend into the pit lane so even if someone pits, it will be detected as a lap. You will recieve credit in the game’s group and in the game credits.

At the moment, I can only pay 300 robux, which I truly understand is an extremely small amount, but it is all that I have. Once we start talking, maybe we can set up a pay based on game revenue.

Please contact me on Discord with gwghering#6869 and we can get something set up.

Thank you for reading, and I hope someone can make this work.

Hey, I’d like to try to see if I can do this for you :slight_smile:
Reach out to me here or on Discord Pocket_Goddess#1028

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