[CLOSED] Iaurezn - Low Poly & Realistic Builder


Hi there! I’m Iaurezn, a builder on the ROBLOX platform. I started building in early 2020 and have only been doing practice builds until now. I mainly specialize in building things in the food industry, such as cafes, bakeries, restaurants, and juice bars, which varies in low poly or realism. I also build for my group, Tastetea, which has over 1.8k members.


Here are some screenshots of my work

Tastetea Cafe

Tastetea Training Center V2

Tastetea Training Center V1 (collaboration with @ilovedoritosss & @CoconutTheGreat)


I’m always online unless I’m sleeping or doing homework. My commissions are currently closed due to an overload of commissions and homework. I’m able to finish projects in a reasonable amount of time, but please do not rush me. I’ll notify you if your commission will take longer than expected.


Prices are negotiable based on the size and complexity of the commission. I only accept robux as a form of payment, preferably in group funds. If you plan to commission me, please take note of the following:

  • Please try to be flexible with time if I am building for you. I obviously won’t take forever on your build, but try to avoid rushing me.
  • In case you cancel the commission midway, I need a small down payment before I start, usually half or a quarter of the total price.
  • Please try to describe all components of the wished build to me, so I can nail it down perfectly.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord, my tag is lauren#4436.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the feedback! :heart:

I sent you a friend request on Discord.

Planning on opening commissions sometime in late April and early May once I clear out my school work.