[CLOSED] Ice Cream Modeler

Hiring Ice Cream Modeler

About Us

Hey there! Coca Cafe™ is currently looking for a contracted modeler! We are a cafe with just over 200 members, and we need some models for our new cafe.

The Team
@CAP7A1N - Chairman/UI
@Alihsaas - Scripter/UI

Note: We have had contract builders.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional modeler to make an ice cream model. We require high quality models and meshes. Communication is also very important. This specific job is a 1 time job but if you do well we may hire you for other food models.

Our main build style is cartoony/low poly but this model doesn’t have to be.


We are looking for something like the picture shown above, but it does not have to be as realistic. The only realistic part is that the ice cream must not be symmetrical or round, as the odds of someone scooping a completely symmetrical shape are very low.

This model must come in 2 parts/meshes. Meaning the ice cream scoop(s) and the cone should be separate. This is so we can change the color.

This shouldn’t take long, so we expect it to be made in less than 24 hours of being hired.


We are paying [CLOSED] out of group funds for the ice cream model.

If you do well, we may hire again and again, this gives you a chance to join our development team.
You will be told more info on this if we work together, or if you send me a message.

Contact Us

Please contact me here on the DevForum!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


75R$ is only a couple cents. Is the price negotiable for this project?

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I’ll get this done for you for free :slight_smile: add my discord and drop me a message mikey#6140

If you want a high-quality mesh, I am experienced in modeling ice cream actually. I can do it for 160 Robux, which is very very cheap. 85 Robux is just unreasonable.

Here is my experience in this field.


If you are interested, then you may contact me via any of the options below:

DM via DevForum
Discord: Generic0001#0095
Email: Generic0001scpf@gmail.com

While the price has some flexibility, I’m not willing to add that much more as it is a small task.

I don’t think 75R$ is a good price, i would rather say 250-500R$ for this project since it requires good graphics and its an hard project

Ice cream was modeled. Thank you.

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