[CLOSED] iFizzics - 2D Graphic Designer

Hello! My name is iFizzics, and I create 2D vector designs, and UI. I’ve been doing graphic design for the past 2-3 years but have just recently started utilizing the skill for Roblox. You can find a lot of my work in the game Fix It Simulator, but I have also done a lot of personal and commission work. I’m most comfortable making icons, UI, and occasionally logos. I work with Affinity Designer (I do not use Photoshop, though I can export as a .psd file).

Icons and vectors used in designs are always custom-made, not downloaded from a vector website.





I am available for 1-3 hours on weekdays in the afternoon, and for 3-5 hours on weekends. I live in the Eastern time zone (GMT-5). Most orders can be completed in 24 hours. Estimated time will be given before starting the project.

Group funds or t-shirt (+ tax) is highly preferred however PayPal (dev ex rate) is also an option. Long term work or percent cuts are negotiable, but short term projects are preferred.

Prices are negotiable

Icons: :robux: 200-500 per Icon
UI: :robux: 350+ (Depends on amount)
Logos: :robux: 400-1000

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/ifizzics, or on Discord: Fizzics#2924

Thanks for your interest!

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Can you add me on discord?