[CLOSED] I'm in need of ideas!

What I’m trying to achieve

So basically, I’m trying to make a game which has a big chance of being successful. I don’t want the game to tooo difficult or toooo easy. I really can’t think of any games so this is way I’m letting You choose for me. All ideas will be appreciated but of course, only one idea can be accepted. Maybe, I could even try to connect all the ideas.


I suggest you to leave your reply on this post but if you want, you can contact me on discord Crytticz#4035


What kind of games do you like playing on roblox or maybe in real life? Think about your passions something will come to your mind if you really think about it. Look what games are successful and more importantly: WHY they are so successful. Try making a mix of games or genres, think of something that is original.

You should look at games which look fun to you and take some inspiration and think to yourself “How can my game be different?”

Basically what @emperorflamey said. Also, try to research similar topics to this before creating a new one as there have been hundreds.

what do you enjoy playing/doing, what target audience are you aiming for? what devices do you mainly target?

My friend found a video about this. I hope it helps!

I’d be able to give you some concepts and ideas if you have any models, designs, basics that you could tell me about?

Asking to create a game that is successful without giving me anything to work upon and brainstorm with isn’t very possible to be honest (:

Fun fact: I have watched the exact same video before you sent it :sweat_smile:

Thanks everyone for your inspiration and ideas! It will help a lot. I’m quite interested in horror games and adventurous games if you are interested. I think I have found a game to make. I call it ‘Darkvertices’ It’s like identity fraud.