[CLOSED] Import or texture 4 potatoes from Maya/Unity to Roblox

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This job is for our upcoming game Horse Valley 2



I recently bought a package of assets from the Unity Asset Store. While this has worked well for me in the past, the 4 potato assets contained within this package is giving me trouble. The modelers I have contacted so far have not able to import these potatoes to Roblox.

The fact that they are made for Unity and created in Maya is cited as the reason for the textures not being imported correctly. Perhaps someone here can figure out the solution? If that is not possible, I am instead looking for someone to texture the 4 potato assets similar to the original reference.


Pay is negotiable and will be in Robux. Maybe 6-10k? Depends on if the potatoes will be imported or textured.


You can contact @SirMing here on the Developer Forum or via Discord Ming#0888 .

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Added you on discord! I know I can make it work.

This is pretty easy to do, I’ll soon contact you in Discord.
My discord is Turtle#0362

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