[CLOSED] In need for scripter that can make application center

Hello everyone! We are a new group, Flavoriez bakery! We are growing each and every day, in an insane rate! We have just completed our interview center and it’s set to release during July 1st!

Our next project we will be working on is an application center. We don’t just want a regular application center. We would like to have an application center with multiple choice answers, and once completed, it auto ranks.

You must be able to rescale UI’s, and be able to use my UI’s for multiple choice buttons, and etc. You will be given two weeks to complete this ( 14 days ) and if you don’t finish by that time, I will have to stop the project. This must be your main project and focus, as we want to release as quickly as we can, but with quality work.

We are looking for an application center like
Pastriez. Below is similar to what we are looking for.

You will only have to do the scripting and rescaling of the UI’S. The rest of our development team will be building the backgrounds, and making the UI’s. You must be 13+ to apply!

Payment isn’t that much of a problem for us, as we are sure that we have enough for an application center as complex as this.

If you are interested, please contact me through dizzy.

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