[CLOSED] In Need of a 3D Modeler!

Hello, fellow person. I am currently in need of a 3D Modeler for my cafe group.

Group; Cupp
What kind of group; Cafe
Pay; 0-1,500 robux

What do I need?-

I need custom pet meshes in low poly styles.
My discord; Yeonjin#2251

I need to see screenshots of some work you have done recently to make sure I am hiring a legit person. (I have trust issues after being scammed). Thank you!

I can not pay with USD as I am not from America and use a different currency.
I am willing to pay more if needed.

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I’m pretty sure you need to up your prices.

Paying 500 robux for a pet mesh isn’t enough.


How good of a 3d modeler do you need to be? :thinking:

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Don’t even think you need to be that good of a 3D modeler to make pet meshes. Pretty sure that’s the basics of 3D modelling. However I have no idea cause I’ve never done 3D modelling.


I would say maybe just being able to make low poly style is enough. :>

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I changed prices, mainly because I got more robux to pay. :>>

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