[CLOSED] In need of a GFX artist to make a logo!

About us
Greetings! We are an upcoming simulator called “Katana Kings”, we are in need of a GFX artist to make a logo for us.

The team
@YTFUZE123 - Creative Director/Owner
@ghost_panda1256 - Builder/Co Owner
@DevConXDevelopment - Programmar
@ XAVBLOX_Official - GFX Artist

About the job
All we need is a logo that has a stripy background and then has a pet in the middle, just like a normal simulator, a picture is listed below.




Must be 13 years or older to apply.
Must have access to Discord.
Be a mature person.
Must want to try and complete the task as good as possible.
Must be able to work with a team.
Needs to have a portfolio or some type of work to show.

I’m willing to pay 100 - 200 robux, it would be great if we could do something in that price range.

You can contact me via Discord: FuzeDev#5172
You will not be speaking on VC’s or Calls.

Thank you, we hope to be working with you!

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