[Closed] In need of a modeler

The Team
@Xf_dev- Builder

About The Job

Just need a short term modeler who can build me a few models that are high quality we can negotiate prices


  • Rectangle and square tables
  • Low poly trees and rocks
  • Plants that can go on walls
  • Chair models
  • Couch models

I can supply more information on discord or forum messages.


Ill buy a shirt, prices are negotiable.

Contact Me


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

You spelt cautious wrong, that’s how you spell it .

Sorry I was in a rush. Deepest apologies.

Mistakes are always made, hope you find a good worker.

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That title is pretty off-putting. The lack of details on payment, what models you even want, how many you want, and more is even more off-putting. And being toxic in your replies section is really off-putting.


Hmm, apologies for being toxic. I admit I was. Thanks for the feedback about my title. If you’d like to know my reasoning of toxicity to the specific user @xGl_ocks dm me MathGeek#1111. Again, I apologize for letting side arguments intervene on dev forums.

If you were the modeler what would you suggest the price as? That would really help me. I’m new to forums, again, apologies for the lack of details concerning payment. I did not want to list a low price and then not be able to get a modeler, I’m also not sure what the average prices are for the items I requested.

I can’t answer this questions. All modelers tend to charge different prices. For example some modelers are high in demand & can command the compensation amount they want.

Just look for someone who fits in your price range. Compare your budget with other modelers looking for work on devforum, maybe that’ll help you get an idea.


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