[closed] In need of a scripter for a team changer

URGENT Scripter Needed ASAP

Hello my name is Connor_iRBLX or you can call me Connor, I currently own a Sheriff’s Office community with over 500 members. Our release is coming in the next two days and need a team changer before then. Please send me a DM on Discord so we can discuss pricing and teams needed for it.

Team Changer
The team changer will need around 4-6 teams on the GUI, I want the GUI to pop up when you click a button “Teams” for example and that button will open and close the team GUI.

I will pay for the team changer and any other creations you may make if you wish. This can be a long term position or a temporary position.

DM on Discord ONLY at: Connor!#9847 This is urgent thank you,

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