{CLOSED} Investment Wanted For Military Game! 3-20k Rbx

How are we, the investors, are supposed to know that you won’t waste our money on a “test run” again?

FYI, you totally ignored everything that I had to say to you and insulted me only cus I couldn’t reply back to you (I don’t sleep walk so sorry for that).


I meant that the stats will be given before investment. I will add more detail accordingly, thank you for your feedback!

??? I don’t know who you are also the test run was a one time thing for stats,all investments go to hiring more developers and for better quality to ensure a good experience

The backup for my game will come out of my pocket to return all investments plus a5% increase for the waste of time.

I had the game link but removed it as we were working on it at the time. I will add it back later, thanks for the feedback.

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I keep all investments in my group funds publicly visible and keep my investors notified regularly of progress. I also give them test links to check for themselves. If they invest then decide a takeback they will receive the full amount back minus tax.

Putting everything under a paywall will never make things a “good experience”

Also, if you don’t know who I am, I’m the one “useless translator” who dared to tell you that your monetization isn’t ethical.

I never put everything under a paywall, the game will only be paid for a week or two during beta, then will be public and completely free, you wont need to pay a cent for the full experience.

Go to dms if you want to reply, if not dont drag up the replys.

This one’s the biggest paywall in your game.

I won’t go to DMs because you will simply ignore me later on besides, if you don’t have anything to hide, you wouldn’t mind keeping this conversation in the open.

Your not allowed to make alot of replys also joining a group is completely free. I see no point in not joining, this was originally for my group anyways. Argument over.

And where does it say that?

True but there are cases where people are either too lazy to leave a number of groups or too broke to get premium to join a group.

Most group games are originally intended to be for the group however those are one of the main ways to grow your group (let them play the game and if they like it, they join the group to have the full RP experience). Locking it behind a paywall is what hinders it all. I’m not arguing with you but discussing your methods in the open…

I will make it completely free for access then and in the rules it says to not make a ton of replys. Sorry for continuing to correct you when I make no sense. Thanks for the feedback.

I’m really tired of this. @TURKrunnie your are creating spam. You are breaking the rules of the devforum. You do have a choice if you want to talk in dms or not, but you cannot do this and keep arguing in @EternalCanadianDev posts. If you do not like what he’s offering, then do not post, and leave it be.

Who cares if he ignores you. He isn’t going to hide anything. If he does and says nasty things, then your welcome to report it.

This is true. I invested for this a while back.

This is where it says it.

Do not spam

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It’s not spam if it’s contributing to the topic. If you want to point out spammers, it should be the OP. Instead of replying to all with one post and just mentioning everyone above the response to their post, while all I did was ask a question, reply to his questions and gave feedback.

And if we’re going to be quoting rules:

Blocked me on Discord after calling him out for faking his sponsor statistics after he also sent me wrong links to the game, don’t invest, game is not quality enough to be invested in even if the stats were real.


First off I blocked you because you were clearly wasting time because you clearly were not going to invest also the sponsorship stats were not faked, ask my other investor @coneylove133 who actually saw everything. Also I doubt you have any builds better than anything in that game.

Btw its closed. I already got an investor (Go to dms to argue, dont drag up replys)

You can take this to my DMs after this if you want to respond, I’d rather not do you the pleasure of bumping your post. However, I’ll leave you with a little message.

Misleading investors could result in you getting arrested for securities fraud, so you might want to discontinue this practice when you’re older. (Obviously this is a much lower amount than what anyone would bother taking legal action on).


The game I built, along with the group i formerly owned, currently has 6.9M visits and counting, so don’t try attacking me on the basis of inexperience.

Group w/ game here, my shout is still there from when I owned it