[CLOSED] Isolation is looking for an investor

About Us

Hi there! Isolation Official is a new upcoming studio that is now looking for an investor to help fund our project Isolation.

The game

Isolation is a RPG, MMO type game where players can buy new weapons, customize their character, explore and find items, and fight zombies. The game is primarily owned by Zda_rc. The map is in a post-apocalyptic climate.

The Team
@Zda_rc - UI Design, Building
@alphawolvess - Programmer
@Universal_Creations - 3D modeler
@spook_dogg - Builder

What we are requesting

We are looking for an investor to invest in our project we are willing to give 10% of all of our games revenue to you, and we are requesting 14k R$. Robux will be spent on mainly advertising the game, but also occasionally paying developers. If the game does not succeed, we will repay the 14k you gave us the best we can. You keep the percentage permanently unless you decide to leave the group.

Things that set us apart

  • We have a talented group of developers
  • We work well with each other, and listen to what each other has to say
  • We are active, and like to work in a efficient manner.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: Zdarc#5940.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

I hope you take interest!

You can’t do that here! Sorry!

Hi, there is a lot of information missing, which could help you find more investors if listed below. Some questions that might give a more in depth knowledge about your game.

[Q] - What will the robux be spent on, ( Advertising, developers, etc )
[Q] - Is there a backup plan for investor incase the game does not succeed?
[Q] - Is 10% over a period of time or permanently
[Q] - What control does investors have over the group?
[Q] - perks of investing.

Hopefully this helps!

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Just added in some of those, Thanks for the recommendations!

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I’ve noticed that, I’m going to close the post now Sorry!

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How much progress has been made?

Well currently we have pretty good progress for zombie AI and weapons. Building has just started, but is in good progress.