(CLOSED) Jacobthedragon4ever Portfolio | UI designer

About Me

Hi, my name is Jacob and I am a Roblox UI designer. I am a full time student but love doing UIs on the side! I am quite new and have been doing UIs for around 3 months now. I’m trying to expand my portfolio and get more experience with UI designing.


Here are some examples of my work!

Annotation 2020-02-21 130129


Here is an estimate of my time schedule

Monday-Friday: 3-5 hours
Weekends: 6-7 hours
I will inform you if there are any changes to my schedule


Per Asset: Starting at 150R$, will vary depending on complexity
(This is a max of 3 UIs, I will consider it Full Game if more is needed)

Full game: Starting at 1.5K, will vary depending on complexity


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or anything listed below.
Discord Preferred - Jacobthedragon#8256

Thanks for reading my Forum! I would like feedback and ways to improve, it helps me greatly! :slightly_smiling_face:


How much does R$150 robux worth of your work look like?

150R$ of my work would be any 1 given GUI. For example my first image would have been 150R$ (That includes a template for scripting). The second image + the actual screens for those cost the person around 500R$. So my prices do vary depending on the complexity and amount of frames.

May I see an example of the R$150 Robux GUI?

It’s the first image in my portfolio.