[CLOSED] Jonibus | Programmer, Game Designer, UI Designer

About Me

My name is Jonibus, however I usually go by Jon. I’m from the east coast of Canada, and have been a game designer, programmer, and UI designer on Roblox since 2013. I joined the developer forums back in 2015 when they were first introduced, and have been a member of the community on and off ever since.

I specialize in game planning, balancing, and designing, as well as datastore programming, UI design & programming, object-oriented programming through Lua, and framework development.

Showcase of Skills

You can view all of my current games & groups on Roblox on my profile

Examples of UI design


Examples of code structure


Examples of programming skills

(coming soon)

Current Availability

My availability is fairly volatile due to a job with a random schedule & online classes, however I am generally online for 4-6 hours a day. The only issue is I’m never sure when those 4-6 hours will fall.

My timezone is NST (-3:30 GMT), which falls an hour and a half ahead of EST.

I am currently not looking for independent asset commissions, and am only going to express interest in long-term projects

Payment Options

Price will be negotiated on every job & ever projected before beginning, as I don’t have any sort of benchmark. Generally I’ll accept robux as payment however I prefer USD/CAD. If you’re using robux as payment I’ll only accept it through group funds. If we go through the t-shirt method you will have to pay taxes!

Long term projects I expect a percentage of pay reflective of the amount of dedication that I commit to the project, however signing/concluding bonuses can be negotiated.

Contact Me

There are 3 places to contact me to get the quickest reply, in this order:

Discord: Jon#8495
Roblox: Jonibus
Or here on the devforums

Thanks :cowboy_hat_face:


Hello, I wanted to contact you via discord, but your tag is incorrect and it won’t let me add you as a friend. Could you give me the right one please?

Sorry, I fixed it; its Jon#8495

Sent you a friend request on Discord. Interested to see what you can do.


Your code structure looks professional. Good job :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the love :grinning:

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Sent you a Friend request on discord.

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I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord.