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Hello! We’re Khronos Development, a small group of three who work hard on bringing out the best games possible, one step at a time. To begin our journey of development, we started small. Our first game, Farming Adventures, follows a player as they gain money through buying, growing, and selling crops. The player can decorate their base with props and Roblox’s terrain variety. They can even buy different upgrader stands to deepen gameplay, too!
Our game is almost done, but we need some help in a few categories that we don’t have much experience in ourselves.

The Team
@Khronikus - Environment Design / Project Lead / Co-owner
@gaberocksall - Scripter / Co-owner
@Sir-L - Modeler
@OpenPosition - Animator
@OpenPosition - GFX artist
@OpenPosition - SFX artist

You can see our progress so far here (Please note: Our game is a Work In Progress, and the game might be broken at the moment. Sorry!): Farming Adventures! (GOLD CHEST!) - Roblox

About The Job

We are in need of five different R15 animations. Three animations require the player to kneel down and either water, plant, or harvest an object while the fourth and fifth animations will require the player to reach up or out in front of them and harvest an object. (As if they were picking tomatoes/apples.) Each Animation should take around three to five seconds to play out as we want harvesting/planting/watering to take time. (If the animation takes too long/little to play through, we may have to speed up/slow down the animation.) We are looking for the following animations:

Planting animation: The player will kneel down, plant an object in front of them, and stand back up.

Watering animation: The player will kneel down, water an object in front of them, and stand back up.

Harvesting Animation 1: The player will kneel down, harvest an object (Think carrots), and stand back up.

Harvesting Animation 2: The player will reach out in front of them and harvest an object (think vines).

Harvesting Animation 3: The player will reach up into the sky and harvest an object (Think trees).

There is no deadline, but we would like these animations to be finished in a timely matter. We want to release our game as soon as possible.


Though Robux payment can be offered, USD is highly preferred. We have never sought out an animator before, so a reasonable amount to be paid for all five animations is unknown to us. Based on many animator’s portfolios that have been looked through, we expect to pay anywhere between 20-50 USD, but this price is negotiable.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at Khronikus#3757
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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