[CLOSED] Kohaú | Hiring a 3D Modelers

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Kohaú | About Us

We are Kohaú, one of the most active restaurant groups on the Roblox platform. Our goal is to innovate on the restaurant industry and provide a fun game experience, where players can connect with each other and socialize.

Kohaú | About The Job

We’re Kohaú, one of the most active restaurant groups here on Roblox. Our goal is to provide a fun and unique game experience to our player base, an immersive roleplaying experience where players can roleplay as a customer or work as a chef, foster a fun and positive community, and innovate the restaurant industry! We are looking for two experienced modelers to work as contractors, one specializing in low poly styled and the other specializing with semi-realistic (though being able to model with both styles is a plus!). You will be doing numerous tasks from time to time, ranging from:

  • Pets
  • New food
  • Props

Kohaú | Examples

Below you can find examples of the meshing style we’re looking for.


Kohaú | Requirements

If you don’t meet all of these requirements, do not fret! Feel free to apply anyways!

  • Must be 13 years old or older
  • Must have good experience with meshing on an external program such as Blender. At least a year of meshing experience is optimal.
  • Must have a Discord account
  • Must have a clean record within the Roblox community and our community
  • Must have knowledge with keeping meshes optimized. Keep the triangle count as low as possible whilst keeping the visual appeal of the model.
  • Must be able to separate assets you make into separate meshes to make rigging or scripting separate parts possible.
  • Must have a portfolio ready to present.
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Must have a Trello account and actively manage the board.
  • Must be able to attend meetings inside of a voice channel. You do not need a microphone.
  • Must be able to texture models.

Kohaú | Nice to Have

Meeting these job perks will increase your chances with getting a job.

  • A microphone
  • Experience with rigging models for animation.
  • Experience with building on Roblox Studio.
  • A creative mindset, pitching in ideas for future content. We don’t believe in an “I” with our direction, we believe in a “We”!
  • Experience with working in the cafe or restaurant industry. Bonus points if you’ve worked for any notable groups!

Kohaú | Job Perks

As a mesher, you will get to enjoy numerous perks but some will not be granted until you make a contribution/complete your first job. These include:

  • A special Contributor nametag in-game and role
  • You will be credited in-game for your work
  • A nice work environment that is BAME and LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Flexible pay
  • More perks soon!

Kohaú | Deadline

Each task will have a fair deadline to meet. Upon being hired, if you a low poly modeler, you will be meshing 10 pets alongside with another mesher that is due by November 7th.

Kohaú | Payment

The payment will be negotiated between you and us. You will be paid per asset completed, with the starting price being 3,000 Robux via group funds (unless the asset is so basic it’d take a few seconds to make), which can increase a lot depending on what needs to be done.

Kohaú | Contact

Interested in applying? Feel free to contact our Lead Developer & scripter on Discord: Akita#0081

Please send your works right away, instead of asking “Are you still hiring?” or such. Shall we feel that you are fit for this job, you will be added to the development group. Feel free to leave any inquiries in the replies. I will try our best to respond to all of them.


I sent a friend request on discord. Feel free to talk to me more there.

Sent a friend request on discord, I hope you will like my work. I can make pretty good models under 10k triangles by modifying the mesh with modifiers.

Sent a friend request and send my portfolio.