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About Kreed’s Group Solutions

Kreed’s Group Solutions is a business that was created by KreedKernmagne to provide easy to use solutions for a group. We have many services that are cheap and affordable that will help boost your group!

Our Services

Graphic Arts for Groups

We do provide a wide range of GFX for groups to use.


Logos - 50 - 100 Robux
Ads - 50 - 150 Robux
Game Thumbnails - 200 - 350 Robux
Game Icons - 50 -100 Robux



If there are other GFX that you want, contact us for pricing.

Rank Management for Groups

We provide rank managers for groups. These can come in the form of a in-game command, a discord bot, or a gamepass/application center.


In-Game Command - 400 - 1000 Robux
Discord Bot (Without Hosting) - 700 - 1500 Robux
Discord Bot (With Hosting) - Add 5$ a Month
Gamepass Centers - 550 - 1200 Robux
Application Centers - Contact us for more details!


Game Development for Groups

We are not doing game development until we get developers to work for us!

Our Discord Server

Join our Discord Server to apply for a staff position or request a service!


We are currently hiring! If you’re interested, please join the Discord server and find the application channel! Type !apply in the channel to start the application process!

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I am 100% sure most of the comments you will get will be to ask for examples. Please provide a portfolio if you are going to be posting in #public-collaboration:public-portfolios


If you are trying to recruit developers for this, I would recommend making a separate post detailing more specifically what you are looking for and what you are offering for compensation. I doubt many people will join a Discord server and go through the application process without knowing what it is they are applying for.

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I know, I only have a GFX Example and I am updating it right away.

I also added a Rank Manager example.

I used the same design, but made it myself.

let me put it another way,

Why should I pay for ur service instead of others?

What is the difference between them?

Why should I pay for yours when I can do it myself for free within 10 mins. (EG: open source products) which usually have some kind of step by step

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I can get it to you very fast. I will try to make the product the exact way you want it but better. I have more features then most do. I can add new features to it for no extra pricing or anything like that.

What do you mean by more Features?

Are you looking to buy from us?

I think what Billy is referring to is so far you have been very unprofessional and seem to lack knowledge about the subject you are selling. My assumption here is that you actually took the Open Source Bot and using it to sell. Im sure if the source code is opened to the public, we would get our answers.

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No, just asking questions. But your service is very basic, i would suggest adding more features instead of copying other services, Your bots are very basic its litterally a bot coded in 10 mins and you call it ur “best bot”.

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Hey are you still able to create theses Rank centres ?

The invite expired. So you need to fix that.

Service was cancelled because I would need to pay for hosting and I cannot do that.

Can you use 000webhost?

It is free.

Not that simple. You mainly do not want to use those services because they charge if you use it for too long, and those servers not super protected.