[CLOSED] Little Dreamies Daycare is looking for a UI Designer

Little Dreamies Daycare

About Us

Hi there! We are Little Dreamies Daycare, a fairly large school/daycare group on Roblox with over 96,000+ group members and 5m+ visits.

The Team
@DreamyIin - Founder
@Levxylin - Head Developer
@Romloxe - Developer
@1cyQuest - Builder
@Hughylin - Builder

We currently have one supported game:

About The Job

We are looking for a professional UI designer to join our team or complete a couple one time commissions of creating new, high quality various UI works for us. You must show a portfolio of work which we have the decision to accept or decline. Applicants should be able to:

  • Be able to complete tasks in a timely manner
  • Be proficient at designing quality user interface
  • Have a strong knowledge of optimization tactics
  • Be able to work in a team
  • Be at least 13+ years old
  • Have at least three-five months user interface designing experience

NOTE: You may be required to complete a sample task for us to review your work upon being hired.


:money_with_wings: We are paying with Robux payments. After completing the new UI, if the work is found satisfactory we will discuss payment.

Contact Us

You can contact us with your portfolio by applying in our development server on Discord here.

Thanks for reading! We look forward to reading your application.

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