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About Us

Hello, this is Little Moonies Daycare on Roblox with168 members in the group currently. The group is founded by @br0kenYxung and currently owned (co-owned) by @moonliqteox .

The Team
@uhi_o - Head dev - Scripter
@AZN_Prodigy - Main builder - Exterior/Architecture
@DEV_JENSEN - Modeler/Interior design

Here’s our game’s progress building wise


The daycare would be 2 floors. ^^

About The Job

We are looking for a professional modeler who will join us to finish up the Daycare in it’s structure. You will need to model the assets such chairs, tables, low poly objects, lamps and other assets the Architect, me or the Founder would request needed.

You must provide a portfolio of your work in order to apply within the candidates. You will be refused if there is no previous work or stolen work in your portfolio. Good communication skills within the development team is requested


We are paying on how much effort and details is put into the model. If you model the first and second floor of the daycare indoors properly then your payment will proceed with 1k robux.
Payment is very negotiable.


You may contact us to apply at either one of us; Uhi#0243 or Azn#7665

Thanks for reading, wish you a Merry holiday! :christmas_tree::santa: :eyes:

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