[CLOSED] Looking for 3D Character Artists

About Us

We are Bitware Games with a ~60k member group and currently three released games and a fourth (Accelerator) game coming soon.

The Team
@lineridermasterman - Technical Artist
@AAA_RobloxDev - Technical Designer
@Grapieee - Builder
@Rezidy - Builder
@Jakoasters - Builder
@IQueen_SevI - Community Manager

About The Job

We are in the later stages of our next project, an ambitious asymmetrical horror game with emphasis on high quality visuals, age-up gameplay and meaningful progression. Our team is looking for talented and experienced Character Artists to design and create unique and iconic killers for our title. This would include a fully unique character model for each killer, cosmetic variations & other potential character gear.

This is a great opportunity for someone looking to help form our game’s identity and to receive consistent work for the distant future


We will be offering options for both payment via Robux, USD (Paypal) or group percentage (needs much more talk and consideration, but not out of question)

Contact Us

Send me a private message with your age, time zone, and a portfolio of your exceptional work. Alternatively, you can contact me via Discord: Chris0Matic#2880

Thank you!


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