[CLOSED] Looking for 3D Modelers who can make guns. (for real)

Hello, I’m Darren! and I am a 3D Modeler, contributed for a Roblox “Experience” with 400 Million+ Visits about cars… lol.
Right now, I’m currently representing a newborn game studio JuanKelz Productions for its search for another modeler to the team.

The Team
@darrenjuanda - Lead Developer, Modeler.
@minigiper - Scripter, UI.

We’re in a need for 3D Modeler capable of making mid-poly gun models for our upcoming. Other than that, we also expect you to make things other than weapons for us. but for now here is our gun specs we can give:

  • Mid-poly designs.
  • Guns need to be Under “8k” Tris (If it’s possible).
  • At least “5” mesh parts per guns.
  • Parts like the bolt, magazine, slides should be separated from the rest of the model, for animating reasons.
  • No need for texturing, we’ll use Roblox’s materials.

Example of our gun's build style


Our payment options is limited with Robux for now, thru group funds.
Depends on the difficulty of the weapon’s makes and models, we could only give you a “Rough estimation” of 850 Robux or higher per weapons. + Monthly Commission Fees when the game already released for a month (also apply to non-long termer but smaller fees). And yes, The payment per weapons will go alot higher if the “Experience” is a success.

What we Offer

  • Safe and relaxed working environment.
  • Reasonable time stamps for your work.
  • We are into your efforts rather than quality.

"Should have" from you:

  • 1+ years of experience in your preferred 3D Software.
  • At least the same quality models that you’ve offered to us.
  • Decent enough communication skills in English.
  • Good at time managing, for your own good.
  • Shows your progress with us.

"Great to have" from you:

  • Willing to improve yourselves with others.
  • Sharing your ideas with us.
  • Be creative, try to solve problems.

Applying Requirements:

  • 13+ years old.
  • Your DevForum Portfolio (Or anything that relates to your works).

Due to Roblox’s “User Is New To Groups” which takes 2 weeks before we can actually pay you.
We can give you a smaller commission to fill those time spans if you want, with the obligated compensation included.

Contact Us

Discord: Mc Juan#1224

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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