[CLOSED] Looking for a 3D modeller and a builder!


Who are we?

Hey, I’m the owner of Turp’s Studios where we make games for everyone to enjoy. We’ve made multiple games such as Elemental Royale; a game with over 6 million visits, Eating Simulator; a game with over 1 million visits and Sword FFA! We hope to make even more games where you possibly can be helping us to develop them as well!

What will you be working on?

You will be working on a new upcoming game for Turp’s Studio. I can’t give out too much information about the game however, it is a game where you will be able to roleplay with others, look after your own virtual pet and play minigames to buy furniture for your house. You will get more specific information about the game if needed depending on your job.

The Job

I’m the solo developer as of right now for Turp’s Studio and I’m hoping to hire more people for an upcoming new project that I’ll be working on.

Builder (TAKEN)
We need a builder to create the exterior and interior designs of the houses. To enter houses, the players will touch the house’s door and teleport to the house such as a style similar to Pokemon or Adopt Me.

  • Make multiple exterior designs and interior designs of different types of houses (Tiny House, Cottage, Bungalow, House with 2 stairs, Modern House with 2 stairs)
  • Interior designs will just be walls, floors and doors along with windows, different light designs and switches.

The style for the houses will be low poly and cartoony.

Deadline for the job of the Builder is: 2 weeks once selected

3D Modeller (Taken)
We need a 3D Modeller to build multiple items.

  • We need furniture for the houses ingame (Such as chairs, tables, beds, lamps etc.)
  • We require someone to make models for the minigames such as different types of karts such as a normal kart, car and a F1 style car.
  • We require someone to make small powerups for the minigames such as the racing minimode (Missles, oil spills, crystals etc.)
  • We require food models of an apple and a cute biscuit that is similar to those of a dog treat. We also need a box for the pet treats.

The style for the items should be cartoony as this is a game that is aimed towards a younger audience.

Deadline for the job of the 3D Modeller is: 2 weeks once selected


Once the job of the Builder is done, they will be paid 15,000 Robux through group funds.

Once the job of the 3D Modeller is done, they will be paid 15,000 Robux through group funds.

Contacting us

If you think you are the right person for the job, just contact me through the Roblox DevForums or contact me on Discord @Turpichu4321#3396.

You must be 13 or older to apply.

Thanks for taking your time to read this and the best of luck if you’re applying! :slight_smile:

This has been reposted multiple times because people get the job and then just leave it, so if you want to do the job, be serious about it and not leave mid way.

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Partially your reason for this might be your extremely long and generous deadlines. Not only does it waste your time, but it also means that you’ll spend longer trying to find someone. I read over the job descriptions and the stuff you want done can easily be achieved in a matter of days, if not, 1-2 weeks. Giving developers really long deadlines will demotivate them and make them more likely to leave the project.


Why is this necessary? If you are going to reply, you may as well comment on the opportunity and let them know if you are interested or not rather than sharing your opinion on a situation which has happened before. Obviously not that important as they spent less than a line on it.


Whilst possibly not relevant to the entirety of the OP, I thought that it was worth addressing from my own experiences, and may provide reasoning for their lack of dedication from previous people who have gone for the position. I also think it’s good to bring up publicly as similar people may have been in a similar position.

I believe my comment was justified and is fine. If the original poster has a problem with it, instead of you nit picking my comment, then he is welcome to flag it as he sees fit.


Thanks for you input.

I’m not too sure how long the job so I wasn’t too sure when the deadline should be. If what you say is correct, I’ll lower the deadline to somewhat reasonable such as 2 weeks.

I’ll be sure to keep what you said in the mind in the future when doing these recruitment posts as well. Thanks.


Sent you a friend request on discord. iiZescah#1552.

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Hello, discord tag seemed to be tagged. Feel free to dm me here, madi


I am very interested on being an builder or UI Designer. I will add you.


Okay I’ve sent a request to your discord account.


Sent friend request on discord

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