[CLOSED] Looking for a builder and a GUI designer

Here is the game we’ve been working on: [⭐New Improvements⭐] Sword Fighting Masters - Roblox
The game is about sword fighting. That’s basically it. It also has a bad rating because of the bad quality.

About The Job

We are planning a huge revamp of the game. Making everything look like new. Plus a lot of new features.
We are looking for a builder and a GUI Designer with at least 9 months experience.
There were more developers who gave up because they were busy. We are now looking for developers with experience that aren’t busy. We want our game to be finished as soon as possible.


The Owner will be paying between 500 and 2k robux on every update depending on the effort and work done.

Contact Us on Discord

@AfroWest - WE$T#8888
@54TWig - 54TWig#5538

Thank you for reading
Update: We got them all.

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