[Closed] Looking for a builder for a quick job

We just need help copy and pasting a room from an old map of ours to our current map. There will need to be some tweaks on the current map to fit and blend well the copy and pasted area. Overall, a fairly simple task, just needing someone who knows more about building to make sure it blends well and professionally.

The pay is 5k robux, but we are willing to negotiate.

Here’s some screenshots detailing what we need:

The building we want transplanted into the new map:
(We just want the grey box with the tunnel, none of the mountains or little houses on top)

The building that we want the aforementioned tunnel room put inside:

The yellow building will need to be changed, as it’s currently one solid block.

Thank you for your time!


I’m interested in doing this, but I just want to clear one thing up - You just need a building moved into another building and then edit it a bit so it fits and looks good, correct?
Discord is julian#6666
I’ll do this for as low as 1.5k.


I’ll be willing to do this. 5k is honestly way too much unless I’m not understanding something, so we can talk about a somewhat cheaper price.

I’m new to the Roblox Developer Forums so I’m not sure how you all get in contact with one another. If you have a Discord and would like my tag I can provide it.

I think we found someone to do it, if they can’t I will be reaching out to you guys to see if we can set something up :slight_smile:

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Alright. Good luck with your game!


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