(CLOSED) Looking for a builder for a simulator

About us
Hi there, We are a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for a builder to help build a simulator

About the job
We are looking for a experienced builder to join our team as our builder. We expect a well built hub world, items, pets etc that adhere to a cartoony style. Good communication skills are appreciated. Are estimation of time you should be working for us is 2-4 months.

You will be paid a cut off at least 22% (The pay is negotiable) of the entire games profits as this game will have standard monetization for a classic simulator game.

Contact us
If you are interested in this job you can contact me at my discord JackBloxRBX
#2811 or

Need to know how to use Blender or any other professional 3D modeling sofwares
Need to be 13+ in real life
Need to have at least 3-8 hours a week to work on the game.

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