[CLOSED] Looking for a builder. Open world, Star wars

Star Wars Builder

About Us

We’re (I’m) the head of a rather old and barely surviving Star wars group (The Old Jedi Order). We’re going through a complete development revamp including new maps… this is where you’ll come in.

You’re Managers/Supervisors
@QuestionableEthics (KapisiActual #0570) - Group Owner and source of your income
@jrdonat (jrdonat#0262) - Project lead, Creative Director

About The Job

This is a one time job. We’re looking for a high-quality builder with a creative mind and (not crucial) some extent of Star Wars knowledge. There will be minimal reference images but a lot of reference tech. You will be building an open world so both buildings and terrain. Time-wise there is not a crazy restraint, preferably finish within 2-3 weeks. The planet is Mortis


The group: The Tеrran Empirе - Roblox
Games: Bajor | Kendra Province - Roblox
Frontline | Unknown World - Roblox
(The rest of the games were privated but we can always tour and show images)


Payment will vary on the quality of work, speed, and overall how good of a partner you are. We offer Robux or USD. Upon request, we can conjure up a contract. You will be expected to give a quote after getting a more detailed description

Contact Us

You can contact me via the Roblox DevForum or preferably via discord @jrdonat#0262

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Are you looking for a UI Designer?
(Fan-game UI)

(Fan-game Loading UI)

We are not currently however that is some impressive work and I will keep you in mind

How much would pay be? I am a terrain designer.

My boss refuses to give me a budget. What would you usually charge for a medium-large world

10,000 is what I would charge. You can see the info more in depth on my portfolio.

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