[Closed] Looking for a builder


I’m looking for a builder, if you’re interested in, you must fill the form, to apply


  • Payment is 25% from game earnings (sorry if it’s too small, it’s only second time I’m hiring someone lol)
  • I’m scripter (not really good, but have 5 month scripting experience), also I’m good game designer, and UI designer (with not much, but bit experience)
  • It would be cool, if you live in time zone near GMT +2
  • The game will be published in my group (idk why you need to know it)
  • You must be 13 years old or older (I’m 13 now lol)
  • The form must be filled
  • You must show some of your buildings, plus you will need to create small island with some trees (more details will be given in DM) using this kit (I tried to make a tree too, but something went wrong…)
  • You will need to build in style like this:


You must have discord, and if you submitted the form, you will get DM from me (I can’t check 24/7 but will be checking ~1 hour after this post, then I wont check that often)

If you still have any questions ask me in discord.

If you think it might be a scam, ask @Tixolate (I hired Tixolate as stage builder before)


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