[CLOSED] Looking for a builders to build multiple buildings

Hello there, I am looking for someone to create 5+ buildings.
Buildings required

  • Supermarket
  • Apartment
  • Hospital ( Small)
  • Office Complex
  • Gun Shop
  • $2 Shop

We expect high quality models!

Send a estimate for cost as well as time frame FOR EACH to edwardsemail11@gmail.com OR discord ESATK:3700

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If Sending Email
Please add EITHER your Discord Contact Or Return Email Address to your email.

What do you mean by $2 shop?!?!

Hey there!

I’m interested but before we continue, please answer the following questions that I have as I’m confused about certain portions of this project that you’re trying to hire builders for. Direct your attention below for the questions that I came across.

  • What size are you wanting these builds? And what style; Low-Poly, Realistic, Furturistic, etc?

  • What do you mean by:

Do you mean instead of a Dollar Store it would be a Two Dollar store?

  • When you said:

Do you mean that your discord tag is ESATK#3700?

  • Lastly, if I were to take on this job, would I be building and constructing every one of the buildings you listed or only some? If so, what is your payment range?

Thank you for your time, have a good rest of your day.

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