[CLOSED] Looking for a Building/Modeling Partner!

About Me

Hi there! I am a UI/Graphic designer and scripter. I’m looking to create a Sci-Fi Prison game! I have things planned out already, so it’s not like we will take months of planning, but I’d also love your input!

About The Job

It is not required for you to be active full time, as I understand that people cannot with schools open. Anyways, you will be the head builder and modeler. So building the city, and modeling things such as guns. I do not know much about building and how hard it is for builders, so if this seems like something way too big for one person, let me know! I am always willing to hire another builder/modeler to make it easier!


Payment will be in %, as I do not have much backup payment. I am saving the little I have for ads. If there ends up being one builder, it will be split 50/50. If there ends up being two builders, we will split it 33/33/33 and then probably use the rest for ads or clothing uploads and such.


You can contact me here on the DevForum, although I do not check that as regularly as Discord. To apply on Discord, join our server, Discord. Did I forget to mention this is for a group? I am the sole developer of it, though. Anyways, reply if you have any questions! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Hey, the Discord invite seems to be invalid, so I can’t join the server. Anyway, I’m interested in the builder position! eeee#0104 is my Discord name/tag number. DM me regarding more information about the job, and reply to this post with your Discord name so I know who you are! Thanks.

That’s strange. Let me look into that. Anyways, I’ve added you at HendricoMaximus! Sorry for the delay, I went to sleep just before you messaged me.

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