[CLOSED] Looking for a Cafe builder for my Cafe!

Fresh’d Cafe Hiring!

My name is Fluxiity and I am the Founder/Owner of a group called Fresh’d Cafe. I am currently looking for a builder that can build me a cafe for my group.

Once, you are done you will be given the robux thru group funds. I am willing to pay 1K robux or more.

Contact Info
You can contact me on discord at: Fluxiity#6624 < send me a friend request.
Thank you all! Stay safe with all this going on in the world right now!
Fluxiity ~ Chairman, Scripter.
savior6671 ~ Vice - Chairman



sent a friend request on discord

Hey! Your discord tag didn’t work, but I am interested in building for you. I have lots of experience in cafes.

Portfolio: Portfolio

Discord: ceoria#2218

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I am very interested. I have a cafe pre-built and is only needing to be furnished.

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I can make your cafe for the 1k

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It would be great if you could add me on discord at: Fluxiity#6624

I dont know about you, but giving the payment after its finished seems pretty sketchy and 1k robux isn’t enough for a cafe, not a well-made one atleast.

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Here is my cafe project: For sale [Cafe] - Roblox

My discord: MrGalaretka#8252

Best regards,

Hi there! I saw your post here, like I am commenting right now under it haha. I am a roblox low poly builder and I can also do high detailed buildings, I am also a modeller and map designer, I know a little bit how to script and make GUI’s but that’s not my job interely. If you want to see the pictures of my work, then you should add me on discord: Mato#7079. Have a good day and good luck finding a builder! :slight_smile:


I can make you a cafe I am actually working on one right now. Please contact me through dev forum messages we can discuss payment there.

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I’m interested, I will be PM-ing you soon.