(CLOSED) Looking for a community manager

HELLO! :slight_smile:

I am going to keep this short but simple, I am looking for a community manager.

You must have prior experience working with games of a decently big size and willing to work actively each day.
You must be at an age that doesn’t hold you back from school but be well educated ensuring you can understand how everything works and flows.

The job

The job is community based, you’ll be having a strong decision on the game progress and how it will be structured so be prepared to hold a good job.
Discord is a ## must so ensure you have discord and are willing to use your microphone daily when approached by me.
Everything within the game will be taken seriously however I will be able to make jokes with all to an extent. I expect to see a portfolio or work you currently/past have worked on.


You may receive a % or a weekly/monthly pay, the amount will be filter depending on what has been done over the time period.
It could range for 20,000-100,000+ over a said time period.


Discord: Twix#4826
Twitter: @dyy_go1

I hope to talk to some of you shortly! :slight_smile:

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