[Closed] Looking for a Developer team to "revamp" Roblox classics

Post Closed, sorry to dissapoint.


@Maximum_ADHD has been working on a fixed up version of Welcome To Roblox Building. The original may be closed, but WTRB is still standing in a new home.



I’m fairly new to the developer forums and I can’t lie, @CQL was definitely someone who helped me to just become a better developer. I recommend working with him as he’s good with time management and an open-minded person in general.


I’m excited to see where you go with Glass Houses, one of my all time favorite brickbattle maps. And like CaptainJadeFlames said WTRB is already flawlessly sanctioned and revamped by Max.

Hyped to see where this project goes, good luck!

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I would like to join as a builder, as I have plenty of experience in building, however, would it be possible to join as an “extra” instead of being a lead builder?

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Do you have any plan of providing some sort of down payment, along with a percentage of revenue, to your most vital developers, such as the scripter(s)?

Along with that, I’d like it if you could provide some sort of detailed outline of how you plan to monetize the game. I’d be quite curious how you’d implement it into these sort of original games.

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Sent you a request on Discord.

@Zerxal Thank you for asking, I do discuss with developers about there payment and can provide some form of payment for work done (Although they usually stick with the higher percentage rate), I also discuss it with other members of the team to sort of “work out” and agreement between them. This payment is really just in case the game comes to not succeed and our developers do not feel like they worked for nothing. Although our mind set is that it will succeed (Definitely mine). Further more for the monetize part of it, we haven’t precisely pin-pointed how but we have several ideas on how we could do it. Many of which benefit the developers more than myself, Due to the fact I am souly doing this for the enjoyment and want the developers to feel that their work is appreciated. I hope this sort of answered your question, and if you interested in applying feel free to ask.

Well, could you explain one way how you would monetize the game? I’m just having a hard time getting my head around how you’d incorporate monetization besides just gamepasses.

Well, most games do use game passes in terms of monetizing, but there are many alternatives that we are planning to use, some including “fan clothing” such as custom shirts that relate to the game etc… that people can show their appreciation towards the game. Further more we are most likely going to use game donations to support us and development, due to the game were making it pretty safe to assume that it would be enjoyed more by a more “veteran” like audience who have experienced it in the past which may donate to assist development. But there are still even more alternate methods we can use to monetize the game(s).

How do you plan on competing with games similar to yours? There’s many games that are similar to the ones that you are planning to create, so how do you plan to differentiate yourself so people choose yours over others?

So we know that a lot of games had a sort of similar goal and idea, but ours were planning to incorporate all the games into one round-based game with a mix of all the games, but we understand that if a user wants to only play just one of the classic roblox games on repeat they will be able to. This is so that if a user prefers one game over the other they can play that game on repeat. To sort of stand out were going to try and make things slightly different in terms of how it can be played but still have that classic feel. We are recreating the entire thing from scratch so all maps weapons (basing it of the original ones) etc… can only be found in our games making it unique and different.

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