[CLOSED] Looking for a development partner! (Builder)

Hello everyone!

My name is ScrxedDev. I live in the Netherlands and I enjoy making games on this platform.

I’ve been doing commisions for quite a while, and I think I’m ready to create a game with a builder!

I am a (web-) programmer and a UI designer myself. And I’m looking for a builder to team up with. The game we will be making will really depend on what takes people’s interests and what is populair at the moment. At the moment story games seem to take people’s interest.

Payment will be evenly split, 50/50.

Feel free to send me a DM on Discord if you have more questions about this partnership!
I am looking forward to work with you.

Contact: - Discord: ScrxedDev#5848 DevForums: @ScrxedDev

Hey I would like to be your partner, Im a decent builder and I have knowledge on roblox studio.

Hello, I am a terrain designer and builder.

Hello. I think it would be good to add information such as the genre and style of games you personally would like to create alongside an aspiring builder.

This will reel in builders who share a similar interest with you, as they already have an idea of what type of games you plan to make.


Thank you for the feedback, I will make sure to add it to the topic.

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