[CLOSED] Looking for a Difficulty Chart Obby Builder

About Me

Hello there DevForumer! I am a Single Developer looking for a Builder who would be interested in helping me to make a Difficulty Chart Obby.

And yes, I know these are typical however, this wont be any ordinary DCO
(More will be discussed once Contacted)

The Team

@DraftingTurtle9753 - Lead Developer | UI Designer
@couldbeyou - Builder

About The Job

I am looking for a builder who is capable of working on a Difficulty Chart Obby with me. The work will be checked upon daily to make sure the requested work is being done, while also maintaining a healthy workplan for you!

The game will require a minimum of 80 stages (gradually increasing in difficulty)



  • Minimum age of 13
  • Dedication
  • Good communication skills
  • Experience in this zone of work


  • Over 16 (for USD Payment)
  • Able to do this work semi-ish fast
  • Able to work roughly 3-4 hours or more a day
  • Not Sloppy (make it to the best of your ability)

If you do not suit the Needed section, don’t bother messaging :slight_smile:


The Payment will be done as so:

  • Pay [X] Robux Per Difficulty Section Completed
  • Pay [X] USD Per Difficulty Section Completed (see requirements for this)
  • Pay [X] % (Only if you are staying full-time for future updates included)

(usd will be calculated though DevExchange)

This will be further discussed once contacted and will also depend on the quality of the work you produce (better work means more pay)

Contact Us

In order to contact me:

  • Message me on DevForum with your DISCORD Info
  • Send me a friend request on Discord:


I will try to get back to people as fast as possible

Thanks for reading, hope you have a good day / night :slight_smile:

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