{Closed} Looking for a experienced modeler

I need a modeler to make hockey skates, sticks (both goalie and player), goalie equipment (pads, blocker, glove), both player and goalie helmets, hockey nets, and a mouthguard. The game will also have customizable options for these things so we need textures and stuff also made with that (so like flames on pads or lightning as a stick texture). The game will be in r6 most likely (still being sorted out).

Payment: Pay will be 1500 Robux. I am only paying in robux since I have had trouble with paying in real money in the past.

Extra details: Project will start late December (most likely after Christmas) because with the holidays and everything coming up people will be busy and I want you to enjoy the time with family or whoever you are spending it with.

If you are interested, DM me on discord at Legend3#5991, or message me on the devforum. :smiley:

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